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Miami Original Nine-Foot Section of Route 66 Roadbed

From Junction of "E" Southwest & 130th to Highway 66, Miami vicinity

Construction of this roadbed segment occurred between 1919 and 1921, and it opened to traffic on March 1, 1922. It is representative of the first efforts to address the increased popularity of the automobile. A network of hard-surfaced, permanent roads was greatly needed, and as the Good Roads Movement gained momentum, U. S. 66 was officially designated in 1926 to meet this need. This roadbed segment, originally designated State Highway 7, became part of the original alignment of the new federal highway. The nine foot wide, three mile stretch of historic Route 66 is located in a rural setting three miles south and one-half mile west of the intersection of Route 66 and State Highway 125. It has five feet wide gravel shoulders, and since 1984, loose gravel has been spread across the roadbed. However, the original paving and curbing is still visible.