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Route 66 Mobile Tour

National Route 66 Museum

2717 West 3rd Street, Elk City

Be sure to stop in at the National Route 66 Museum. Through its road motif exhibit, visitors travel through all eight states along "The Mother Road". The trip begins in Chicago and ends in California. Murals and vignettes depict the eras of the road and the places that made Route 66 so famous. As you travel along the museum's highway, you listen to recorded histories and personal accounts of the road from overhead audio kiosks. Visitors are welcome to select from the extensive collection of travel and museum brochures for the Elk City area and greater Oklahoma. The museum is not listed in the National Register of Historic Places, but anyone interested in learning about the many historic buildings along the way will be sure to find the exhibits informative and entertaining. For information about hours of operation and admission fees call 580/225-6266 or visit http://www.elkcity.com and scroll to museums.