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Former location, Narcissa D-X Gas Station

15050 South State Highway 69, Miami Vicinity (Demolished after listing in the National Register of Historic Places)

At the time of its listing in the National Register of Historic Places, the Narcissa D-X Gas Station constituted the primary building remaining in the once thriving community of Narcissa, located south of Miami on Route 66. The town was incorporated in 1902, a year after the Frisco Railroad was built through the area. Brothers, James Henry and Frank Gaines built a grain elevator on the railroad, and within a few years, the town had a drug store, three general stores, and a blacksmith. When U.S. 66 was designated in 1926, it ran through Narcissa, but the alignment lay a quarter of a mile east of the railroad tracks. The town's businesses began to shift from the railroad to the new highway. Following this trend, the DX Gas Station's owners moved it from its original location to Route 66 in 1936. It remained in operation until the 1990s. Modified through time, the station was a long rectangular building with a projecting hipped roof of asphalt shingles which formed the porte-cochere over the pump filling area. A projecting brick chimney rose from the north slope of the building.