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Sayre City Park

200 yards South of Junction of County Roads #E1200 & #N1870, Sayre

Constructed by the WPA in 1940-41, the new city park represented the efforts of Sayre Civic leaders to provide amenities to both locals and travelers on Route 66. Later expansion included a campsite, gazebo, and additional landscape features. The park's centerpiece was a Pueblo-Revival style bathhouse and swimming pool constructed of locally quarried red sandstone. The Sayre City Park is situated on the fringe of town, one mile south of the business district, in a semi-rural area that travelers on Route 66 passed by as they approached Sayre from the west or departed from the east. The park consists of an extensive, partially developed area containing a golf course, rodeo grounds and baseball fields. The WPA portion of the park includes the miniature golf course, the playground, a pavilion, the swimming pool and bathhouse, the pump house, a large gazebo, tennis courts, and camping facilities, as well as fire pits, picnic tables, and walking trails. The Sayre City Park provided so many amenities that it became a favorite, convenient place to stop and rest and even spend the night. In a time when both motels and automobiles lacked air conditioning, the park lured tourists from the highway to the welcoming swimming pool. But, ultimately, the new Interstate 40 provided a faster route for travelers. They no longer needed to stop in the park, or at least they stopped taking time to do so.