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Magnolia Service Station

Southwest corner of the Junction of Elm Street & US-66, Texola

The Magnolia Service Station was constructed circa 1930 in the simple box and canopy design and was built of rock-faced block. It typifies the small town service station that catered to local customers, as well as travelers on Route 66. During the 1930s, the low sales of gasoline prompted companies to expand their retail locations, and new service stations were built with large display rooms and storage rooms. Automobile repair also became an integral part of the "service station," and additional bays were required. The design changed from the residential style to a more streamlined building with all service incorporated under one roof. Influenced by the International architectural style, the new design was also a response to the depression and the lack of money to spend on more ornate buildings. This service station design remained in favor until the 1960s.