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Depew Route 66 Segment

Route 66 from Milfay Road East .46 mile, Depew

By 1915 the Ozark Trails system included the unpaved road between Sapulpa and Bristow. As was common of road construction at the time, it followed the terrain rather than the straightest possible path. With the economic boom resulting from oil production in the Glenn Pool, Creek County citizens wanted road improvements. In 1924 they passed a county bond issue to augment state and federal funds for paving the road to the Lincoln County line. The Depew segment was completed in 1925 and became part of U. S. Highway 66 in 1926. As improvements to the highway continued, the Depew segment was bypassed by a straighter alignment in 1938. The Bridge, carrying the Depew Segment over the unnamed Creek is also significant because it is one of the best remaining stone arch bridges in Oklahoma. Stone arch bridges are rare in the state because, by the time of Oklahoma statehood, metal truss bridges were in common use. They provided an economical means for rapid development of the highway system. Stone arch bridges, in contrast, were labor intensive, required skilled masons, and were an economical option only if suitable building stone was located nearby. However, they were low maintenance, durable, and strong. Creek County thus built this stone arch bridge which is one of fifteen such structures documented in the state and is one of the longest constructed.