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Former location, Cities Service Station

Junction of First & Central Avenue, Afton (Demolished after listing in the National Register of Historic Places)

The Cities Service Station was constructed in 1933 at Central Avenue and First Street in downtown Afton. Cities Service Oil and Gas Company prospered in the early to mid twentieth century, even during the Great Depression of the 1930s. The company's reported earnings dropped only two percent in 1933. Perhaps some of the company's success can be attributed to its innovation in customer service. Before 1930, few service stations provided restrooms for their customers. But Cities Service included two such facilities, one on each end of the main building of its new stations, including this location. The station was an example of a vernacular interpretation of the Mission Revival style of architecture. The building's exterior was roughly textured stucco, and it had an extended canopy with arches in each elevation. Galvanized tin pent roofs with a Spanish tile pattern were located on either side of the canopy. Loss of this service station reminds us of just how fragile our links to the history of Route 66 can be.