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Special Recognition Programs

Know someone who rehabilitated an important historic building in your community? Protects an important archeological site located on their property? Worked with a dedicated group of volunteers to save an endangered historic landmark? Developed a walking tour for a historic district? These and many more projects and activities contribute to the preservation of Oklahoma's heritage. Help the SHPO recognize the many preservation success stories across the state by nominating worthy individuals, agencies, firms, or organizations from your community. The SHPO's awards program includes the Shirk Memorial Award for Historic Preservation and the SHPO's Citation of Merit. If you have any questions, please contact Lynda Ozan at lozan@okhistory.org.

Applicants should be aware that the federal government is operating under a continuing resolution (CR), which delays the SHPO's receipt of its Historic Preservation Fund grant from the US Department of the Interior. Therefore, the SHPO's National Register nomination grants are subject to the timing for and final amount of its HPF allocation.

Criteria and Required Forms

Below you will find the criteria, nomination forms and photography consent form. Please fill out the appropriate nomination form and the photography consent form and save them. You may either print and mail the hard copies or submit them through email by using the address below.

SHPO's Citation of Merit Process Criteria
Shirk Memorial Award for Historic Preservation Process Criteria

SHPO's Citation of Merit Nomination Form and Photography Consent (MS Word)
Shirk Memorial Award for Historic Preservation Nomination Form and Photography Consent (MS Word)

You may email the completed forms and supporting documentation to lozan@okhistory.org or send hard copies of the nomination form and supporting documentation, as well as the photography consent form, to:

Ms. Lynda Ozan
State Historic Preservation Office
Oklahoma Historical Society
800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Award Recipients