Rehabilitating Historic Properties
For The Federal Investment Tax Credits

PART 2 - Description of Rehabilitation

One completed and signed original "Historic Preservation Certification Application, Part 2 - Description of Rehabilitation" with all line items filled out.  Any information omitted from the information requested may cause the application to be considered incomplete and returned to the owner for completion.  If there is more than one owner, a complete listing of owners must be provided using a "Continuation/Amendment Sheet".  The listing must include the name, address, daytime telephone number, and Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number for each owner.

                One view of each elevation of the building
                Views that show the building in relation to others on the street (streetscape)
                Exterior views of important elements, features, and details
                Interior views of important elements, features, and details
                Copies of historic photographs, if available, which are useful in demonstrating the retention of
                     historic materials and character
                Photocopies of photographs have not been submitted
                Photographs are labeled with the following information:
                        Building name
                        Building address
                        The date the photograph was taken
                        A description of what is shown in the photograph
                        Each photograph is numbered in sequence

                Existing conditions of the building
                Wall placement: existing and proposed
                Window and door openings: existing and proposed
                Major interior features, such as staircases, lobbies, elevators, and corridors: existing and proposed
                Designs for proposed door, window, and/or storefront replacements that must be illustrated in 
                    accordance with "Specification Requirements" provided within this site.


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