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Chisholm Trail Sign

Chisholm Trail Museum

605 Zellers Avenue
Kingfisher, OK 73750-4228
Director: Jason Harris
Curator: Taylor Mills
Assistant Curator: Kimberly Ross

10 am to 5 pm

(under 5)
(up to 6 people)

Admission to the A. J. Seay Mansion, located across the street, is included.

Use of drones over Oklahoma Historical Society property is not permitted without written approval of the facility director.

Chisholm Trail Museum

Bridging the Chisholm Trail through Indian Territory

The Chisholm Trail Museum is proud to announce a major new exhibit now on display, entitled Bridging the Chisholm Trail through Indian Territory. The largest exhibit ever constructed at the museum emphasizes the history of the Chisholm Trail as it relates to Indian Territory and present-day north-central Oklahoma. The exhibit was constructed in conjunction with the 150th Anniversary of the Chisholm Trail, which is being celebrated in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas throughout 2017.

This property is managed by Chisholm Trail Museum, Inc. For more information, visit the Chisholm Trail Museum’s website at www.ctokmuseum.org.

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History of the Chisholm Trail

Once the greatest cattle trail in the world, the Chisholm Trail served to get Texas cattle north to the Kansas railheads from which they were shipped to the other parts of the country. The main stem of the Chisholm Trail ran along what is now US 81. Cattle were first moved over the trail in 1867. In the ten years from 1867 to 1877, more than three million head of cattle passed through Oklahoma to Kansas.

The trail blazed was named after Jesse Chisholm, a mixed-blood Cherokee guide and trader. Chisholm had moved trade goods over a part of the route and travelers began referring to it as Chisholm’s Trail. In Kingfisher County all three parts of the trail can be seen; the Chisholm Trail Museum is located directly on this famous trail.

To learn more about the Chisholm Trail, visit The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture.