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Fort Washita Timeline

General Zachary Taylor ordered the establishment of a military post to protect the Choctaw and Chickasaw lands in October 1842.
On April 23, Fort Washita was established and construction of post buildings began in October.
1846 to 1848
The post served as rest stop for troops marching to the Mexican-American War.
The south barracks were constructed of stone and lumber.
1849 and 1850
Travelers stopped at Fort Washita as it was on the southern route to the California gold fields.
A new stone, two-story barracks was constructed at the west end of the parade ground.
The post was temporarily abandoned in February, and reoccupied by the 1st Cavalry in December 1858.
The US Army abandoned the fort at the start of the Civil War on May 1.
Confederate forces entered the post on May 3 and occupied it until the end of the war in 1865.
The US Army transferred ownership of the fort to the Department of the Interior. The property was then turned over to the Chickasaw Nation.
1906 and 1908
The property was allotted to the Colbert family, prominent Chickasaws.
Ownership of Fort Washita was transferred to the Oklahoma Historical Society on April 25.
Fort Washita received designation as a National Historic Landmark, June 23.