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Honey Springs Battle Education Day

Friday, November 3, 2017

Education Day events are 9 am to 3 pm, with a lunch break from 12 to 12:30 pm.

Take a trip to where the a Civil War battle happened in Indian Territory. Honey Springs Battlefield Education Day is an outstanding opportunity to experience Civil War history and culture.

School groups pre-K through twelfth grade are invited to the Honey Springs Battlefield Historic Site for Education Day. Home school groups, scout troops, and other youth groups qualify for the school programs field trip and may participate in programming offered on Education Day. This is a free event, but registration is required. College students and other adult groups may qualify for a reduced rate through group tours.

Students will enjoy fun-filled day exploring the well-preserved natural setting of an actual battlefield, while learning about the life during the Civil War. Reenactors will portray the life, and lifestyle, of the average Civil War soldier through military training, cooking demonstrations, songs, and leisure activities.

Register Your Group

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Planning Your Visit

Weather Considerations

Much of the event is outdoors; remind students and chaperones to dress appropriately.

Battlefield Grounds

Keep students on the paths and respect all battlefield grounds and exhibit spaces; the landscaped outdoors are an equally valuable learning tool to all visitors.

General Battlefield Rules and Etiquette

Remind students to be courteous to all visitors, artifacts, and wildlife by remaining in small groups and keeping noise levels appropriate.

Changes or Cancellations

If you must change the time of your visit or cancel we ask that you contact the Honey Springs Battlefield Historic Site immediately at 918-473-5572.

Bus Arrival, Departure, and Parking

Upon your arrival please first confirm your registration with the event staff. To check in, stop your vehicle at the registration station (indicated by the green arrow on the map).

After the registration check you will be asked to drive forward to the loading and unloading zone (indicated by the red arrow on the map).

Once all passengers are unloaded, the vehicle can proceed to the bus parking zone (indicated in yellow on the map). The bus parking zone has room for busses to turn around and is roughly two miles from the unloading zone. When your group is ready to leave make sure that you have a way to contact your vehicle driver, or ask for assistance at the registration station.

The loading is similar to the unloading procedure except that vehicle will be facing the opposite direction which may require passengers to cross the road. Use extreme caution and contact the registration station if help is required.

Honey Springs Battlefield Historic Site

The Honey Springs Battlefield Historic Site is located east of US Highway 69 between Oktaha and Rentiesville.

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