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Monogrammed Brick Stories

About the Project

In 2012 the Oklahoma Historical Society invited those who purchased the monogrammed bricks paving the Red River Journey to share stories about the person or group their brick honors. Below is a list of those who submitted stories and the message shown on their brick. Click on the brick title to read the full story.

The Brick Story Project was made possible by a generous donation from Catherine Wooten.

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Contibuted byBrick Honoree
Adelia (Castor) HansonSamuel W. & Hester Franklin
Adelia (Castor) HansonWilliam Albert & Nell Franklin
Adelia (Castor) HansonWilliam Henry & Kitty Franklin
Adelia (Castor) HansonRobert John Castor
Al SteadleyAl Steadley
Alice Ann CoffmanCharles & Alice Randolph
Alice Ann CoffmanOllie & Maggie Gossin Gray
Alice Ann CoffmanCharles & Alice Randolph
Alice Sade ThomasFranklin & Irena Sade
Analee HarperSequoyah Questers
Anita MontgomeryF.M. & Amelia Tolbert
B O RoopTito & Zenaide Scaramucci
Betty Bailey HallCarolyn Bailey Betty Bailey Jean Bailey
Betty DutcherWilliam McGibbon
Betty J. (McGibbon) DutcherWilliam C. McGibbon
Betty J. (McGibbon) DutcherWill C. Julia McGibbon
Betty J. (McGibbon) DutcherArchie Marie McGibbon
Betty M. DavieeJack M. Daviee B. J. McClellan
Betty M. DavieeOlin W. Daviee Edna M. Daviee Mayre L Daviee
Betty RobertsonKeith Allen Robertson
Bill B. StacyBill & Bobbye Stacy and Family
Bill MooreOrval and Mary Moore, Rick and Bill
Bill MooreJohn M. and Bertha E. Moore
Bill MooreJohn and Mildred Perry
Bill MooreBill and Donna Moore
Bobbie AndersonFelker HCE
Bonnie HardgravesIrven, Bonnie, Joyce, Janice Hardgreaves
Brenda PulisNealey & Geneva Pulis
Brian E. KellyMarcus, Latchmi & Brian Kelly
Buckaroo Becky RickardBuckaroo Becky Rickard
Burnis George ArgoPrestridge Family 1898 Roger Mills County
Burnis George ArgoA.E. & Maud George Family, Osage and Kay Counties
Carel Elaine AndersonO. J. Anderson
Carl BerrymanAlonzo Jasper Berryman and Amanda Jane Berryman (2 bricks)
Carla D. White PrattCarl W. White
Carletta "Williamson" WebbTommy and Carletta WEBB
Carletta Webb (Pres. 2012) & Janice Brunk (Pres. 2004)Sapulpa O.H.C.E. 2004
Carol I. EysterCarol I. Eyster
Carole GarnerP.E.O. Chapter GK Yukon Oklahoma
Carolyn McCoyW.F. and Frances Kerr
Carolyn TompkinsTompkins Carolyn Dale
Carolyn TompkinsSteph Jeff Mitch Colton Emily Tompkins
Carolyn TompkinsDarla Ron Savanna Riley Tompkins
Carolyn TompkinsGladys D. O. Tompkins
Caryn RoachThomas Wesley Brown
Catherine Boudinot SpradlingWilliam Penn & Etha Boudinot
Catherine WoottenPsalm 100
Catherine WoottenPatio Seven
Catherine WoottenJohnson & Bond Families
Celia Morris PhillipsRay Phillips & Celia Morris Phillips
Celia Morris PhillipsFrank Morris & Clemma Corbett Morris
Celia Morris PhillipsGeorge W. Morris & Cora Robbins Morris
Charlene C. SmithHoward and Mattie Cope
Chris CottonIn Memory of Gordon and Lucille Cooper
Chris CottonThe Wayne and Chris Cotton Family
Cindy CunninghamFrank Cunningham
Clovis E. HarkinsClovis Harkins  Janyce Harkins
Clovis E. HarkinsAustin Taylor Graham
Clovis E. HarkinsCharlotte Elaine Graham
Connie Camp GamelMark L. Walker
Curtis ToweryJoe W. Curtis
Cynthia ManningBob & Jean Manning Family - Major County
Darla Jean TerryDarla J Terry
David BusbyOrel Busby
David EdgerDavid and Irene Edger
David P. LeeForest Anderson
David RainsJohn and Hannah Rains
David RainsJames Peters
Daye Dill Lane & Carel E. AndersonW. E. Anderson, Ida McCaull
Debra DawsonToney Lackey & beloved wife Rose
Diane Williams GanttWalter Edward Williams
Diane Williams GanttPatricia T Williams
Dianne Vera CatheyDianne V. Cathey
Dick and Doris YochamDick and Doris Yocham
Dolores (Wilkes) Willoughby-SmithCarvin and Alma Thorsen
Don GarrisonIn Memory of Henry & Floy Garrison
Don GarrisonDon Garrison
Donna Marie Lovelace (Brock) (Moore)Don & Ila Lovelace
Donna Marie Moore (Brock)Derek Brock and Ryan Brock
Donna Rush LambSims Family
Doris Cardwell AndersonC. C. Cardwell
Dorothy WrayG Wray Family - A Adams Family
Eileen GrubbsJ.A. Grubbs
Elizabeth GrimmWitcher, Richard J Sarah (Morris)
Elizabeth GrimmGrimm, Elizabeth Keith
Evelyn ShephardEvelyn Huebert Shephard
Evelyn ShephardDoyle & Evelyn Shephard
Forrest Donald JamesDonald James
Frank SwindleFrank Swindle
Fred GomeringerBob & Mary Gomeringer
Fred M. SelenskyFred M Selensky Family
Fred W. MarvelMarvel, OK / 1902-1911 / Canadian Co.
Fred W. MarvelMarvel - Foster Family - Early Day Pioneers
George and Monica KnudsenWatonga Cheese
George and Nona ThompsonWilliam C Hall, Mary Copeland, Atoka County
George and Nona ThompsonWiliam M Hall, Mary E Baker, Boggy Depot, OK
George and Nona ThompsonJohn W Dugger, Carrie E Hall, Hartshorne, OK
George and Nona ThompsonTilman Dugger 1859-1915, Durant, OK
George and Nona ThompsonRaymond Dugger, Carrie E Williams Craig, OK 1939
George and Nona ThompsonGeorge Thompson, Nona F Dugger, Oklahoma City
George and Nona ThompsonRussell Family, Brian, Valerie, Betsy, Bailey
George and Nona ThompsonKerry Hall Okla President CAR 2004 -2005
George and Nona ThompsonCheryl Thompson Ronnie Hudson Wesley Hudson
George and Nona ThompsonCheryl Thompson Savannah Grace Thompson
George and Nona ThompsonCheryl Thompson Kerry B Hall Brandon Mathis
George and Nona ThompsonAmber Thompson Oklahoma President CAR 1991 - 1992
George and Nona ThompsonMeilahn Family
George and Nona ThompsonRussell Family Brian Valerie Betsy Bailey
George and Nona ThompsonGeorge Thompson Ruby East Wewoka, OK 1932
George and Nona ThompsonMatt Williams Lenora Hadley Hartshorne OK
George and Nona ThompsonHugh East Mary Jo Lewis Wewoka, OK 1897
George and Nona ThompsonOklahoma State CAR Society Organized 1938
George and Nona ThompsonJohn Bray CAR Society Organized 1976
Gil HumphreyGil Humphrey
Glenda & Jerry BortleG. Bortle - J. Bortle
Glenna TanenbaumJustin C. Gardner
Grace VanceJames Robert and Arminta Tettleton
Guy D. FolgerFolger
Gwendolyn B. Smith AshbyWilliam Charley Smith
Hank BattyWilliam J. and Alma Batty
Harry and Doris WilsonHarry and Doris Wilson
Helen R. TrotterWilliam H. & Helen R. Trotter
Helen R. TrotterJames E. & Opal Horne
Helen R. TrotterMary Ruth Eldred
Iris House CookClaud A. House
Iris House CookMona House
Iris House CookMary Jane Comstock
Iris House CookRaymond E. House
Ivan L. PfalserJohn L & Gladys Pfalser
Ivan L. PfalserJohn & Edith Pfalser
Ivan L. PfalserP. O. & Hattie Murry
Jack and Pamela McCartyHannah Denise McCarty - Class of 2005
Jackie PogueValeta Thorne Lowe
James H. and Louise LazalierJames H. and Louise Lazalier
James RhodesJeanne Harreld Rhodes 1928-1990
Jan FendleyDavid P. & Mary May Ogle
Jan FendleySeth A. & Elizabeth Ogle
Jan FendleyJohn M. Ogle, Richard M. Ogle & Robert M. Ogle
Jan FendleyDelila B. Ogle, H. Elmer Ogle & James "Jim" Ogle
Jan FendleyMaggie Z. Ogle, Flora E. Ogle & S. Wade Ogle
Jan FendleyLeonard & Erma Calaway Spoon
Jan FendleyG. S. & Zorada Ogle Spoon
Jane Berry MarcellusAlice Hope Mackey Berry
Janet LaMotteJudge Frank Dale
Janet Stapleton ToddRev. Andres "Andele" Martinez
Janice WhiteJanice White
Jessie (son of Charlie) and Hilda WilsonCharlie Austin Wilson
Jim and Connie McGoodwinMcGoodwin
Jim BarrNaomi Barr
Jim BarrLink Barr
Jim WackerlyKyle Wackerly
Joann L. MurrayJoann Murray, Richard, Todd & Karla
JoDean JamesUnited Neighbors of Tyrone, OK Texas County OHCE
John and Wendy MutzRufus Chauncey Mutz
John RappIda Elizabeth Hooper Whitlow
John RappBarbara Revard Rapp
John SpearsMadison Bryan
John SpearsHayden Bryan
Jolene SingleterryMr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Sweeney
Joseph ForgueJoe Joanne Forgue
Judy BurnsKeith & Elsie Bryant History Lovers
JW and Carol ElderMigdat Family of Anderson,Oklahoma
JW and Carol ElderThe Elder's of Dewey County Oklahoma
Karen GregoryBarbara Anne Jones
Karen GregoryDavid Lloyd Jones
Karen Sweeney McKellipsMadison Carter Family
Kathy Van NessVan Ness Family
Kathy Van NessBarto Family, Shawnee
Kay Randall HolmesDoug and Kay Randall
Kayland Z. BradfordKayland Z. Bradford (separate brick for Wilber D. Bradford)
Kenneth DacusDacus Family - Lester Hayes Dacus & Kenneth I Dacus
Kenneth I DacusKenneth I Dacus
Kenneth SternJanelle Wagner, PHD, OSU
Kenneth SternAaron K. Stern, BS, NSU
Kenneth SternLois Stern
Kenneth SternKenneth Stern
Lane Calhoon DollyEd Calhoon, MD of Beaver, OK
Lane Calhoon DollyWina R Calhoon, Pioneer Pastor
Larry T. SmithLarry T. Smith
Laura L. DavisKenneth an AuDeanne Spencer
Lee E. BriixBRIIX
Leona Lois BreakironPaul & Leona Mae Robison
Leona Lois BreakironRaymond Wayne Robison
Linda M. HornJess and Linda Horn
Lise DeSheaJack M. Bickham
Lise DeSheaRobert Bickham
Liz Codding (Elizabeth Chapman Codding)In Honor of the Chapman Family of Okla
Liz Codding (Elizabeth Chapman Codding)T. Pete Chapman Arlene Chapman M 26 Dec 1936
Liz Codding (Elizabeth Chapman Codding)Theodore Pete Chapman
Liz Codding (Elizabeth Chapman Codding)Harry Elmer Chapman 1874-1949
Liz Codding (Elizabeth Chapman Codding)Rolley White Chapman 1828 - 1910)
Lonnie Lance CanfieldBurrows PLBG
Luann Sewell WatersA.A. and Mary Lue Sewell
Luann Sewell WatersA.A. and Mary Lue Sewell
Luann Sewell WatersVera Waters
Luann Sewell WatersGeorge and Vera Waters
Luann Sewell WatersAllen and Lela Waters
Luann Sewell WatersGeorge and Lela Waters
Lucille JacksonE. W. Jackson
Lucille JacksonW. A. & R. L. Lane
Lucille JacksonI. W. Lane
Lynda GlidewellLynda Glidewell
Lynda GlidewellNancy Duncum
Lynda GlidewellW. H. Taylor
Marie Wren (Granddaughter)Charley Lee and Mary Etta Rudd
Marjorie Gooch StephensonGOOCH-WALTONB.-ROMA-MARGIE
Marlene Hume Stewart (Charter & Life Member)PIONEER GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - KAY CO.
Martha HordinskyDr. Jerry R. Hordinsky
Martha HordinskyOklahoma Friends of Ukraine
Mary Ann BlochowiakBlochowiak Family Since 1891
Maryanne FischerJohn Howard McManus, Sr. & Anna Naomi McManus
Maryanne M. FischerJohn Howard McManus, Jr. & Maryanne McManus
Maryanne M. FischerJohn Jay Baxter
Melanie McGee Browning, Patrick McGee and Valerie McGeeNeale S. McGee
Melody Gaither EddyAlvy Lee Gaither
Michelle Lefebvre-CarterPaul E. Lefebvre, Irene Sturm Lefebvre
Mike TerryRobert M. Terry
Mildred DickLoyd & Ora Hays
Mollie Weaver HopperCarlton Weaver
N. Kaye AdamsEdward P. Adams
Nancy HoganMichael and Nancy Hogan
Nancy ProvoJohn Provo
Nelson & Dorothy KellerDorothy Keller
Nelson & Dorothy KellerNelson Keller
Nita Kaye AdamsJohn Edward Adams Kaye Chris Renee
Nita Kaye Adams, husband John E. Adams (deceased)Edward P Adams
Norma S. HatcherJames Arthur Hatcher
Orvella StubbsOlbert Wesley /Sarah Jane Williams
Orvella StubbsThomas Victor/ Daisy Williams Dollarhide
Orvella StubbsJohn and Hannah Bowden Stubbs
Oscar E. GreenleeEugenia C. Greenlee
Pam Spriester BellSpriestersbach
Pamela and Jack McCartyHannah Denise McCarty 1986-2003
Pamela Parmley WhiteGeorge Lee Parmley
Patricia I. Tonkinson WilliamsE. E. Tonkinson
Patricia KleinDeborah Ree Salmon
Patsy L. McDowellMerle and Patsy McDowell
Patsy Thompson StoneRae and Clara Thompson
Paula (Jackson) MatlockBenjamin B and Olive (Shumard) Benson
Paula Jackson MatlockDavid Matlock
Paula Jackson MatlockDillard Clyde and Mable Benson Jackson
Phyllis A. HarmanLloyd D. Clark "Daddy"
Phyllis GraumannThe Graumann Family
Phyllis GraumannIn Memory of Louis and Mary Peters
Phyllis GraumannIn Memory of John G. Peters
Rhonda F. ShortJohn E. & Rhonda F. Short
Rhonda ShortJohn E. & Rhonda Short
Rick CorleyRick and Jean Corley
Robert ZaringSpencer Historical Society
Roberta D. RobertsonJohn Wesley Dowlen
Roberta HooperSouthwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society
Ronald A. MartinClaude A. Martin Family
Ronald J. OwensJohn Luther McBride
Ronald J. OwensThe Owens Family, Brian, Tracee, Lorne, Cash and Ron
Rosemarie A. BorjonKennethKay Attocknie
Ruth Ellen Cooley EdgerHoward Eugene Cooley, Frances McLean Cooley
Samuel WeldonSheppard/Shepard
Saundra DillinerTracy Saundra Blake Trace Dilliner
Sharlene HammonsJoe C Kernke, Jr. (Joe Kernke)
Sharon Rutledge RobinsonMaurice DeVinna
Sharon Rutledge RobinsonJohn and Sharon Robinson
Shelby L. SmithBishop and Mrs. W. Angie Smith
Shirle Lamb WilliamsW. H. McAnally
Shirley ReeseShirley Nettleton Reese
Spence & Janet HummelSpence and Janet Hummel Family
Stephen B. PeterM. L. Peter, Patio 3, Row 12
Stephen HobbsDan S Hobbs
Steve and Marsha DunfordJill, Jeffrey, & Laura Dunford
Steve PeterE. D. Oldfield
Steve PeterSteve Peter
Steven H. NewellSherry L. Newell
Sue LawrenceJon T. Lawrence
Terese' & Mark VanderHaarTrent L. Daniel
Terri WishonDallas & Hazel O'Neal
Velma Echols HuttonFrank and Mahala Sypert
Verla BlackledgeJet Industrious OHCE
Virginia Beach JimenezAlfonso Jimenez
W B ClarkHerbert Ricker
Walter MullendoreNewton & Ida Mullendore
William CressBits & Bytes Computer Group (HCE) OK Co. HCE 2002
William I. JamesPercy H. James
William I. James, Jr.William I. James, Jr.