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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Wina R Calhoon, Pioneer Pastor

Submitted by Lane Calhoon Dolly

Thomas Latta left Ireland for SC late in the 18th C. His son, John, migrated from SC to AR around 1832 in search of land and opportunity for his large family. Among his children who left for CA, NV, TX, KS and AR, his son, James Eudoris worked on a plantation for Cherokees in Indian Territory. He married Harriet Ann Sheldon, a missionary teacher there from Utica, NY. Her English ancestry included a 3rd great grandmother who perished in the French and Indian War's Raid on Deerfield, MA. James and Harriet fled Indian Territory during the Civil War, returning to teach and farm by permit. Widowed, Harriet homesteaded in Ellis Co. Her granddaughter, Wina Rae, endured the Dust Bowl, then taught school, and was ordained a Methodist Minister at age 75.

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