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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Howard and Mattie Cope

Submitted by Charlene C. Smith

Mattie Cluck Cope (1892-1985) and Wylie Howard Cope (1886-1969), parents of my father Charlie Howard Cope, descend from families who came to Oklahoma before statehood. The Copes came by wagon, but my grandmother's grandmother, a new widow, had no wagon so she gathered up eight kids and walked to Indian Territory, getting a wagon ride now and then. Eliza Campbell Teel lived in a tent for years. Of their experience my grandmother would later say "...they had a terrible time, but they made it." Mattie and Howard made it too, like so many others, with determination, grit, spirit...and humor. Mattie loved to laugh and always appreciated a good story
Submitted by Charlene Cope Smith

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