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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Neale S. McGee

Submitted by Melanie McGee Browning, Patrick McGee and Valerie McGee

Our father, Neale S. McGee, purchased this brick in honor of our family's Oklahoma roots. Neale was the youngest son of Thelma Selsor and Leonard Kyle McGee. Thelma was a Choctaw native who was born in Indian Territory. Although Thelma had never known her maternal grandmother, she had been told of the struggle of the Choctaw Nation, and of her grandmother's journey along the Trail of Tears to her new home in Oklahoma. Both our father and mother were born in Oklahoma City, and attended Oklahoma City University. And although our father's career took him to Denver, Detroit, New York City, Mexico City, and finally to Dallas, he always considered himself a Sooner. This brick represents his love for his home state, Oklahoma.

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