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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Ida Elizabeth Hooper Whitlow

Submitted by John Rapp

Ida Elizabeth Hooper was born 18 April 1891 in Odessa, Missouri, to John Foster Hooper and Lucy Kays Hooper. Her grandfather, George Hooper, was a lieutenant in the Union militia of Missouri during the Civil War. A farmer and a railroad man, John Hooper moved his family to Pawnee in Oklahoma Territory in 1904. In 1909 Ida married Ralph D. Whitlow in Pawnee. The couple had four children. The last 30 years of her life were spent in Oklahoma City, where she died in 1984.

Ida played the harmonica, sang, embroidered, doted on her roses and grandchildren, and sometimes talked with her house plants ("It helps them grow", she said). Energetic and self-reliant, Ida worked as a practical nurse, until she retired in 1965.

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