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Monogrammed Brick Stories

O. J. Anderson

Submitted by Carel Elaine Anderson

Overton Joseph "O. J." Anderson's commitment to his Choctaw Nation heritage and service in the U. S. Navy during World War II was an integral part of his life. He was born Dec 7, 1920, in Chickasha, OK, the only son of Willis Elyot Anderson and Ida McCaull. On his 21st birthday, Dec 7, 1941, he enlisted in the Navy. He was a meatcutter. He and his wife, Dorothy Wolf, had a daughter, Mary Margaret, and a son, Willis Ray,. With his wife, Doris Cardwell, he had a son, Joseph "Joe", a daughter, Carel Elaine, and a step-son, Clark. He died Aug 20, 1991 in Shattuck, OK, and is buried in Shattuck Memorial Cemetery.

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