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Monogrammed Brick Stories

Migdat Family of Anderson,Oklahoma

Submitted by JW and Carol Elder

Two brothers, Joe and Jack Migdat, came from Poland through the Port of Galveston: Joe in 1906 and Jack in 1911. Mary, Joe's wife, came in 1907 with sons Leon age 4, Ignus 3yr, Adolf 1yr and Joe 4 months. Kunegunda, wife of Jack , came in 1912 with sons Emil age 3 and Frank age 4 months. Joe and Mary's children were Leon 1901, Ignus 1903, Adolf 1905, Joe 1907, Stella 1912, Fred 1914, Walter 1915, John 1918, Frank 1919 ,Tony 1922, and Alex 1923. Jack's kids Emil, Frank 1911, Maggie, Stanley 1913, Lee 1922, Andrew 1927. Both brother's became citizens in 1923. They lived across the road from each other. Most of the family is buried at Mt. Calvary in McAlester.

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