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Monogrammed Brick Stories

The Elder's of Dewey County Oklahoma

Submitted by JW and Carol Elder

John Elder was born 1848 in Indiana to William K. and Rachel Metcalfe Elder. He married Martha Ellen Schotterback (1849) in Knoxville, Iowa, in 1871. They had one daughter, Nellie M., born 1873. Martha died in 1876. He marries Jessie Burch (1863) in Loveland, Iowa, in April 1883. He came to Dewey County in November 1898. He brought a relinquished claim in the NE1/4 27-16-16. John and Jessie had 5 children: Forest 1884, Glen 1886, and Lloyd 1888 who all died at a young age; Floyd 1888 and Blanche 1896 grew to be adults with families of their own. John was a farmer. His land remains with the family now for more than a century. The family is buried near the farm at Prairie Bell and Center Point.

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