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Red River Historical and Botanical Markers

Honoring the Past and Present
Pay tribute to loved ones by honoring them with a special Red River Journey Historical or Botanical Marker on the Oklahoma History Center grounds.

Historical Markers are used on the Red River Journey to recognize sites and events from Oklahoma's captivating past, including Oklahoma’s land runs, the Red River War, Bloomfield Mission, and the Dragoon Expedition of 1834.

Botanical markers acknowledge planted specimens of the various trees and plants present during Oklahoma's early years such as Mesquite, Post Oak, Hackberry, and Western Soapberry.

Each marker is a 10" x 12" oval standing twenty-four inches in height and can be reserved with a donation of $500. Markers will include information of their respective topics with space provided on the marker for donor recognition reading "In Honor of," "In Recognition of," or "Sponsored By" followed by the names of the recognized individuals.

Reserve Your Marker

Money raised will benefit Oklahoma History Center programs.

For more information on becoming a donor please contact:
Shelly Crynes