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"A charged insight into the abuse of sex and power."—Kirkus Reviews

Darcy O'Brien


Though Darcy O’Brien received critical acclaim for his literary novel, A Way of Life, Like Any Other (1977), he is primarily known for his true crime stories, including The Power to Hurt (1996), which explore the widespread ramifications of violence. Of particular interest to Oklahomans is Darcy’s crime novel, The Silver Spooner (1981), based on the Mullendore murder case.

Darcy’s last book, The Hidden Pope (1998), was published after his death. The story focuses on the special friendship between Pope John II and Jerzy Kluger, a Polish Jew. Publishers Weekly calls it an “impressive study in faith, friendship and mutual respect.”

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Did You Know...

Darcy O'Brien's mother was actress Marguerite Churchill.

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Selected Works

A Way of Life, Like Any Other, 1977
Power to Hurt, 1996
The Hidden Pope, 1998

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