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David Boren

(1941– )

Former Oklahoma Governor and U.S. Senator David Boren, currently President of the University of Oklahoma, is author of A Letter to America (2008), an open appeal to our country that Jim Lehrer calls “a message of alarm but also of hope. ”

A student of literature as well as politics and history, Boren quietly disagreed with his father Lyle Boren’s view of The Grapes of Wrath and its impact on Oklahoma. The elder Boren, a former Congressman, was particularly offended by Steinbeck’s portrayal of the Joads and denounced the novel on the House floor. But in his personal correspondence, David writes that he believes Steinbeck “treated the family as tenacious, heroic, and in many respects triumphant.”

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Did You Know...

As a young man, David Boren developed a friendship with poet Robert Frost.

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Selected Works

A Letter to America, 2008

Also: Oklahoma Statesman: The Life of David Boren by Bob Burke, Von Russell Creel, and Gini Moore Campbell, 2008

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