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Vince Gill

(1957– )

The winner of 27 Grammy Awards, Vince Gill is one of the leading songwriters and performers of our time. Though many of his songs are classified as “country,” Vince, who plays several different instruments, is generally regarded as a crossover artist. In fact, his album These Days (2006) showcases his talents in four different genres: traditional country, bluegrass, jazz, and rock.

Married to inspirational singer Amy Grant, Vince often alludes to their relationship  with such refrains as: “And when you smile that smile, the whole world turns upside down” from “Whenever You Come Around” (1994).

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Did You Know...

Though he's a legendary musician, Vince Gill doesn't read music. He plays by ear.

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Selected Works

When I Call Your Name, 1989 (Audio CD)
These Days, 2006 (Audio CD)
Guitar Slinger, 2011 (Audio CD)

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