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"This is as finger-snapping catchy as Mother Goose with antlers."—Kirkus Reviews

Arlo Guthrie

(1947- )

Arlo Guthrie isn’t a native Oklahoman, but he has strong ties to the state through his father, legendary singer Woody Guthrie. If fact, Arlo visits the state often and regularly performs for many of the same fans who celebrate Woody’s music. Though Arlo pays homage to Woody through his work, he is an accomplished performer in his own right, known for such classic albums as Alice’s Restaurant (1967).

In 1995, Arlo, also an actor, launched his career as a children’s author with Mooses Come Walking. In reviewing the book, em>The New York Times noted that Arlo “never loses his audience.”

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Did You Know...

Arlo Guthrie is not a fan of the biopic Bound for Glory because he doesn't feel David Carradine was the right actor to play his father, Woody.

Getting Started with Arlo Guthrie

Selected Works

Alice’s Restaurant, 1990 (Audio CD), originally released in 1967
Mooses Come Walking, 1995
The Best of Arlo Guthrie, 2007 (Audio CD)

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