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"The fiction debut of a gifted and perceptive artist."—Publishers Weekly

Doug Marlette


During a visit to Oklahoma in 2002, Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoonist Doug Marlette became so impressed with Tulsa that he eventually joined the staff at the The Tulsa World, where he satirized state as well as national politics.

In addition to his work as a cartoonist, Doug was also a prolific writer, and his essays and op-ed pieces were carried in leading newspapers and magazines throughout the world. His first novel, The Bridge, was published in 2001 and launched his literary career. In reviewing the book, Booklist noted, “Marlette masterfully evokes the fierce familial bonds that can either devastate or liberate the human spirit.”

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Did You Know...

Doug Marlette's best friend was legendary novelist Pat Conroy. They talked on the phone daily.

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Selected Works

In Your Face: A Cartoonist at Work, 1991
The Bridge, 2001
Magic Time, 2006

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