Writing Out Loud, 2004.

"Padget's sense of romantic joy is undiminished"—Publishers Weekly

Ron Padgett

(1942- )

Shortlisted for the Pulitzer Prize in 2012, Ron Padgett confronts the complexities of this world with his edgy, though-provoking humor. In How to Be Perfect (2007), he talks of joining “the poetry protection program” so his poems “can live under assumed names in Utah and Muskogee.”  He also advises, “Hope for everything. Expect nothing.”  As Publishers Weekly notes, he is willing “to become both difficult and serious when a poem requires it.”

His memoir, Oklahoma Tough: My Father, King of the Tulsa Bootleggers (2003), demonstrates many of these same qualities and provides unique insights into Ron’s early years.

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Did You Know...

When he's not writing poetry, Ron Padgett likes mowing the lawn.

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Selected Works

Oklahoma Tough, 2003
How to Be Perfect, 2007
How Long, 2011

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