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"Jim Stovall is one of the most extraordinary men of our era."—Steve Forbes

Jim Stovall

(1958- )

Even as a writer, Jim Stovall is always multitasking, creating literary works that can be shared through a variety of different platforms. For example, his novel The Ultimate Gift (2001) launched a series of books and became a major motion picture. The movie, in turn, inspired a musical CD. By the way, Jim, who’s blind, plays the limo driver in the film.

Jim, the founder of the Narrative Television Network, is also one of the country’s leading entrepreneurs and has published several nonfiction titles, including The Ultimate Financial Plan: Balancing Your Money and Life (2011), co-written with business guru Tim Maurer.

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Did You Know...

Before Jim Stovall became a prominent businessman and writer, he was an Olympic weightlifter.

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Selected Works

You Don’t Have to Be Blind to See, 1996
The Ultimate Gift, 2001
The Ultimate Financial Plan, 2011 (with Tim Maurer)

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