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About Our New Logo and Visual Identity

Why a New Logo?

There are many ways to connect with the Oklahoma Historical Society: we offer exhibits, publications, 20+ museums and historic sites, historic preservation, educational programs, online resources, and a statewide grants-in-aid program.

Although our offerings continue to grow, our visual identity needed some work. We realized our logo, created in the 1980s, needed updating. The detailed imagery and hand lettering were difficult to read in small sizes, and the design did not translate well in black and white. When we put our publications, exhibits, print collateral, and membership materials side by side, there was little consistency; we lacked a cohesive visual identity.

We know it is crucial that every person who views our exhibits, researches in our archives, joins in a field trip, experiences living history, attends a class, engages with historic preservation, reads our publications, discovers history on our website, or steps foot into OHS museums and historic sites, understands their experience was made possible by the Oklahoma Historical Society and its supporters.

Our New Visual Identity

OHS staff began working on this project in the late summer of 2021. The new logo was shared with our Executive Committee and staff in the winter of 2021; the Oklahoma Historical Society Board of Directors unanimously approved the logo and identity in April 2022.

The new logo features a mark that is unique to our organization. Twenty-four rays create an abstract sunrise/sunset to convey the unending passage of time. The Oklahoma Historical Society name is set in IvyPresto, a transitional serif typeface, and our vibrant color palette correlates with the State of Oklahoma’s brand.

Our new identity system will help us unify the many facets of the OHS. Over the next few months, you will see the new OHS logo in more places as we use up old materials. Future plans include new designs for publications and our website.

We are excited to share this new visual identity with you. Although our look is changing, we will continue to provide the valuable services you have come to expect from the OHS as we continue to collect, preserve, and share our history for future generations.