The Century Chest Collection

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Carver's Chiropractic Analysis, 1909View Book  |  View TranscriptB2013.133.051
Chiropractic Red Book, 1909View BookB2013.133.053
Choctaw Baptist Hymn Book, 1880View BookB2013.133.249
Choctaw Definer, 1892View BookB2013.133.247
Compiled Laws of Oklahoma, 1909 (cover and table of contents only)View BookB2013.133.251
Constitution Treaties and Laws of the Chickasaw Nations, 1890View BookB2013.133.007
Creek Second Reader, 1908View BookB2013.133.022
The Gale, Oklahoma City High School, 1911View BookB2013.133.055
A History of Oklahoma, by Joseph B. Thoburn and Isaac M. Holcomb, 1908View BookB2013.133.017
The Indian's Side, by J. S. Murrow, May 1912View BookB2013.133.177
The Lines Written on an Indian Face, by Jessie Randolph Moore, 1834View BookB2013.133.183
The Lure of the Indian Country and a Romance of its Great Resort, by Oleta Littleheart, 1908View BookB2013.133.016
Men's Dinner Club, 1911–1912View Booklet  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.013
New Testament, translated into the Choctaw languageView BookB2013.133.248
Oklahoma City Directory, 1912–1913View BookB2013.133.246
Oklahoma City High School course of study (cover only)View BookB2013.133.058
Oklahoma City Parks, Boulevards and ParkwaysView BookletM2013.133.060
Oklahoma City Telephone Book, January 1913View BookB2013.133.004
The Oklahoma Red Book, Volume I, 1912View BookB2013.133.253
The Oklahoma Red Book, Volume II, 1912View BookB2013.133.254
Proceedings of Fourth Annual Convention of the Oklahoma State Division of the
United Daughters of the Confederacy
, 1912
View BookletM2013.133.042
Truths about Oklahoma, Told by the Oklahoma State Fair and ExpositionView BookletM2013.133.059b
Two Years Work in Numbers, by Minnie Ethel PuntenneyView BookB2013.133.250

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