The Century Chest Collection

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'89ers, typed list from photograph, 1913View DocumentM2013.133.118
A Message from the Blind of 1913View Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.128c
Address "On Behalf of the Pioneers," by Dr. A. C. ScottView DocumentM2013.133.104
Address of Governor Lee Cruce, 1913View Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.105
Address of Mayor Whit M. Grant, 1913View Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.103
Address read at the first annual meeting of the Oklahoma State Dental Association, 1908View DocumentM2013.133.092b
Argument Against Reopening Choctaw and Chickasaw Rolls, 1910View DocumentM2013.133.182
Board of Park Commissioners PublicationView DocumentM2013.133.060a
Book of Oklahoma City BuildersView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.001
Century Chest program, April 22, 1913View Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.215
Chenoweth Family Package - Family scrapbookView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.012
Choctaw and Chickasaw Treaty Rights MessageView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.005
Choctaw Auditors Warrant, June 25, 1885View DocumentM2013.133.171
City of Oklahoma City, Charter and Revised OrdinancesView DocumentB2013.133.252
Confederate Home of Oklahoma at Ardmore, First Biennial Report, 1911–1912View DocumentM2013.133.041
Constitution and By-Laws of the Women of Eight-NineView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.036b
Court of Claims Suit by Choctaw and Chickasaw NationsView DocumentM2013.133.173
Document from Julius FolsomView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.027
First Families of OklahomaView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.072
Folsom family genealogyView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.180
From the Modern Classics Club of Oklahoma CityView DocumentM2013.133.067
G. E. Blockie Heating Co. business cards View DocumentM2013.133.216
General Features of the Oklahoma RailwayView DocumentM2013.133.256a
George W. Choate, et al vs. M. E. Trapp, Sec. of the State Board of EqualizationView DocumentM2013.133.181
Historical Parks and Boulevards Oklahoma CityView DocumentM2013.133.061
History of the City FederationView DocumentM2013.133.010
History of the Royal Neighbors of AmericaView DocumentM2013.133.011
J. E. Fleming vs. Secretary of the Interior, GarfieldView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.185
Journalism, One Hundred Years HenceView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.034
Ladies Aid Society document about the Century ChestView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.028
Ladies Music Club Constitution, By-Laws, and MembersView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.070b
Lee-Huckins Hotel menuView DocumentM2013.133.078
Lee-Huckins Hotel payment formView DocumentM2013.133.087
Lee-Huckins Hotel postcards, 1913View DocumentM2013.133.083
Lee-Huckins Hotel report and accounts, 1910View DocumentM2013.133.079
Lee-Huckins Hotel stationary, 1913View DocumentM2013.133.084
Lee-Huckins Hotel time card, 1913View DocumentM2013.133.085
Lee-Huckins Orchestra program, 1913View DocumentM2013.133.081
"Long Ago," poem by Luella C. Holzapfel, 1913View Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.039
Medal and Historical Account of George Thornton United States marshal of Indian Territory at the time of the Opening, 1913View Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.069
Medicine ProphecyView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.032
Memorial of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, 1913View DocumentM2013.133.174
Message of Governor Cruce to the Legislature and Mother's Day Proclamation View DocumentM2013.133.106
The Minerva Women's ClubView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.015
Modern Woodmen of America, letter toView DocumentM2013.133.112
Myser Family Package - Family History BookView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.132a
New Century Club of Oklahoma City, 1913View Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.008
Oklahoma City Advertising Club constitution and bylawsView DocumentM2013.133.048
Oklahoma City Advertising Club itemsView DocumentM2013.133.047
Oklahoma City Advertising Club membership cardView DocumentM2013.133.049
Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce HistoryView DocumentM2013.133.003
Oklahoma City Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, history ofView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.097
Oklahoma City Leaders, typed listView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.002
Oklahoma City Park Proposal, 1913View DocumentM2013.133.062
Oklahoma State Dental Association program, 1908View DocumentM2013.133.092a
Oklahoma State Dental Association Quarterly BulletinView DocumentM2013.133.092d
Our Laws a Hundred Years Hence, Prophecy by A. P. CrockettView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.030
P.E.O. Chapter E, 1912–1913View DocumentM2013.133.066a
The P.E.O. Record, December 1912View DocumentM2013.133.066f
P.E.O. Sisterhood constitutionView DocumentM2013.133.066b
P.E.O. Sisterhood, history of View DocumentM2013.133.066c
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Oklahoma Chapter, Fourth Annual ConventionView DocumentM2013.133.066d
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Oklahoma Chapter, Third Annual ConventionView DocumentM2013.133.066e
Philomathea, history of, 1891–1913View DocumentM2013.133.126
Poems by Ina Gainer and Alice B. FullerView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.029
Poems for the Century ChestView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.019
"Points about New York and Buffalo," Hotel IroquoisView DocumentM2013.133.086
Prayer and Invocation from Century Chest Service, Reverend Newton Hester RoyerView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.101a
Prayers offered over the Chest, Reverend M. F. CrowdenView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.101
Prophecy of EducationView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.033
Reports of the Commissioner to the Five TribesView DocumentM2013.133.172
The Royal Neighbors, poetryView DocumentM2013.133.011c
Rutland Savings Bank First English Lutheran Church Account DetailsView DocumentM2013.133.009
Senate Resolution No. 25 naming the State of Oklahoma BannerView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.117
Sherman Family Package - To the descendants of Nathan Samuel ShermanView DocumentM2013.133.131
State Fair Association of Oklahoma bylawsView DocumentM2013.133.059
Story of Chief Journey Cake, last chief of the DelawareView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.184
"Story of the Location of The Capital," by Senator Thomas F. McMechamView DocumentM2013.133.214b
The Campaign of the Modern Woodmen of America Against Tuberculosis View DocumentM2013.133.112b
"To those who come shall come after," by Louisa Brooke, 1913View Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.102
Translation of the Lord's Prayer from Osage to English, 1833View DocumentM2013.133.090
Travelers Hotel Guide (cover), 1912View DocumentM2013.133.082
United Daughters of the Confederacy, historyView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.045
"Violin Technic," by J. Gerald MrazView DocumentM2013.133.224j
Virginia Bland Tucker Sohlberg, journalView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.120
A Vision and Prophecy of Religion and Religious Conditions One Hundred Years Hence, 1913View Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.031
William H. Pontius, list of published songsView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.223
Women of '89 annual ball invitation, April 21, 1910View DocumentM2013.133.040
Women of '89, Oklahoma City, 1912–1913View Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.036a
Women of 1889, history ofView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.038

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