The Century Chest Collection

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'89ers in Oklahoma during the year 1889View PhotoP2013.133.264
'89ers in Oklahoma, April 22, 1889View PhotoP2013.133.263
Agner Fisher ColbertView PhotoP2013.133.146
Alice FolsomView PhotoP2013.133.152
Appleuaus sketch No 18 View PhotoP2013.133.144
Athenins ColbertView PhotoP2013.133.150
Ben FolsomView PhotoP2013.133.165
Benjamen H. Colbert View PhotoP2013.133.147
The Blind of 1913View PhotoP2013.133.128b
Carnegie Library, 1905View PhotoP2013.133.203
Charles ColbertView PhotoP2013.133.148
Cheyenne and Arapaho delegates, June 1889View PhotoP2013.133.189
Chief Journeycake, DelawareView PhotoP2013.133.196
Comanche Chief Quanah ParkerView Photounknown.1
Czarina RobbView PhotoP2013.133.158
D. H. Johnston, Governor of Chickasaw NationView PhotoP2013.133.140
David W. ColbertView PhotoP2013.133.145
Don J. Folsom View PhotoP2013.133.151
Dr. J. N. FolsomView PhotoP2013.133.168
Dr. Kelly, pastorView PhotoP2013.133.212
Emerson FolsomView PhotoP2013.133.169
Ethel FolsomView PhotoP2013.133.156
The First Dormitory, Goodland, 1898View PhotoP2013.133.135
First farm house in Canadian CountyView PhotoP2013.133.187
First Legislature of Oklahoma Territory, 1891View PhotoP2013.133.192
First Post OfficeView PhotoP2013.133.201
First Post Office in OklahomaView PhotoP2013.133.193
Francis Folsom BellView PhotoP2013.133.153
Geronimo, Apache ChiefView PhotoP2013.133.188
Good Land School, 1913View PhotoP2013.133.134
The church at GoodlandView PhotoP2013.133.138
The first mission at GoodlandView PhotoP2013.133.137
Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma, 1907View PhotoP2013.133.190
Harley's Institute, TishomingoView PhotoP2013.133.143
Julius FolsomView PhotoP2013.133.248
Kansas delegation tenting in Oklahoma CityView PhotoP2013.133.194
Lottie Anita Conlan, daughter of Mike and Czarina C. ConlanView PhotoP2013.133.141
Louisa Colbert McBrideView PhotoP2013.133.159
Lovina FolsomView PhotoP2013.133.167
Mike and Czarina C. ConlanView PhotoP2013.133.142
Mrs A. E. DavenportView PhotoP2013.133.162
Mrs. C. A. BatesView PhotoP2013.133.161
Mrs. T. W. HunterView PhotoP2013.133.157
Nancy Folsom StewartView PhotoP2013.133.163
Newton Hesler Royer, PastorView PhotoP2013.133.211
Oklahoma City Motorcycle ClubView PhotoP2013.133.260
Oklahoma City panoramic photographView PhotoP2013.133.262
Oklahoma City, Broadway, May 1, 1889View PhotoP2013.133.191
Oklahoma City, Main Street, June 1, 1889View PhotoP2013.133.195
Oklahoma City, one hour before opening gunView PhotoP2013.133.202
Oklahoma City, three-week growthView PhotoP2013.133.186
The Old Apple Tree planted by O. P. Stark, 1845View PhotoP2013.133.133
Old Scouts Reunion Oklahoma CityView PhotoP2013.133.199
Opening of the Cherokee Strip, September 16, 1893View PhotoP2013.133.198
Philomathea members, 1913View PhotoP2013.133.121
Photographs from the camera inside the Century ChestView Photocamera
Rep. Tom W. Hunter, Oklahoma House of RepresentativesView PhotoP2013.133.160
Residence of Governor Le Flore, GoodlandView PhotoP2013.133.136
Rev. Israel FolsomView PhotoP2013.133.166
Rev. J. S. Murrow and WifeView PhotoP2013.133.179
Ruth FolsomView PhotoP2013.133.155
Sequoyah, Cherokee Indian View PhotoP2013.133.197
Stratton D. Brooks inaugural processionView PhotoP2013.133.208
Stratton D. Brooks inauguration as president of University of OklahomaView PhotoP2013.133.204
Stratton D. Brooks, May 1, 1912View PhotoP2013.133.207
Thomas F. McMechamView PhotoM2013.133.214a
University of Oklahoma View PhotoP2013.133.209
University of Oklahoma Administration Building, February 1912View PhotoP2013.133.205
University of Oklahoma Engineering Building View PhotoP2013.133.206
University of Oklahoma Science Hall, 1905View PhotoP2013.133.210
W. W. FolsomView PhotoP2013.133.154
Walter ColbertView PhotoP2013.133.149
Wetzel Family Package - Photos of John J. Wetzel, Otto Kramer Wetzel, Nettie Kramer Gates, Walter Newton WetzelView PhotoM2013.133.020a

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