The Century Chest Collection

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Alfred Quinn piano compositionsView Sheet MusicM2013.133.224a
"Baritone and Bass Songs"View Sheet MusicM2013.133.221
"Choir Journal," March 5, 1901View Sheet MusicM2013.133.217
"The Lord is My Shepherd," by Rowland D. Williams, 1902View Sheet MusicM2013.133.218
"Lullaby," by Ethel Cavanaugh MarchView Sheet MusicM2013.133.224b
"Nine Choice Pianoforte Compositions," by Chas. J. WallaceView Sheet MusicM2013.133.224e
"Oh My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose," by Ethel Barnhill OwenView Sheet MusicM2013.133.224d
"Original Compositions for the Organ, No. 2," by Edwin H. LemareView Sheet MusicM2013.133.219
"Playmates, Six Pieces for Young Pianists," by C. Francois GiardView Sheet MusicM2013.133.224f
"Prairie Lullaby," by Elfreida Woods ShartelView Sheet MusicM2013.133.224g
"Prelude in D Minor," by C. Barthold MacklinView Sheet MusicM2013.133.224h
"Sister," by Ethel Lucile CarsonView Sheet MusicM2013.133.224i
"Songs from Oratorios and Cantatas"View Sheet MusicM2013.133.222
"Standard Songs" International SeriesView Sheet MusicM2013.133.220
"Ten Melodies from Song-Land," by Edwin Vaile McIntyreView Sheet MusicM2013.133.224c

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