The Century Chest Collection

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Address of Mayor Whit M. Grant, 1913View Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.103
City of Oklahoma City, Charter and Revised OrdinancesView DocumentB2013.133.252
The Gale, Oklahoma City High School, 1911View BookB2013.133.055
General Features of the Oklahoma RailwayView DocumentM2013.133.256a
Historical Parks and Boulevards Oklahoma CityView DocumentM2013.133.061
Lee-Huckins Hotel menuView DocumentM2013.133.078
Lee-Huckins Hotel payment formView DocumentM2013.133.087
Lee-Huckins Hotel postcards, 1913View DocumentM2013.133.083
Lee-Huckins Hotel report and accounts, 1910View DocumentM2013.133.079
Lee-Huckins Hotel stationary, 1913View DocumentM2013.133.084
Lee-Huckins Hotel time card, 1913View DocumentM2013.133.085
Lee-Huckins Hotel, letter to the future managerView Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.088
Lee-Huckins Orchestra program, 1913View DocumentM2013.133.081
Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce HistoryView DocumentM2013.133.003
Oklahoma City Directory, 1912–1913View BookB2013.133.246
Oklahoma City High School course of study (cover only)View BookB2013.133.058
Oklahoma City Leaders, typed listView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.002
Oklahoma City panoramic photographView PhotoP2013.133.262
Oklahoma City Park Proposal, 1913View DocumentM2013.133.062
Oklahoma City Parks, Boulevards and ParkwaysView BookletM2013.133.060
Oklahoma City Telephone Book, January 1913View BookB2013.133.004
Oklahoma State Fair and ExpositionView PosterM2013.133.059c
Photographs from the camera inside the Century ChestView Photocamera
"Points about New York and Buffalo," Hotel IroquoisView DocumentM2013.133.086
The Student, Oklahoma City High School, 1913View PeriodicalM2013.133.056
To the Board of Education of the City of Oklahoma CityView LetterM2013.133.091
To the Patron's Club of 2013View Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.108
To the President of the Traction or Ariel Lines from Anton H. ClassenView LetterM2013.133.256b
Travelers Hotel Guide (cover), 1912View DocumentM2013.133.082

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