The Century Chest Collection

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Atwood Family Package - Greetings from Weston Atwood and Family, Atwood LumberView Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.111
Beitmen Family Package - Letter from Adelbert S. Heaney to "a Generation yet Unborn"View Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.115a
Beitmen Family Package - Letter to descendants from Alice V. Beitmen View Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.115e
Beitmen Family Package - Photo of family homeView LetterM2013.133.115c
Beitmen Family Package - Postcard and photo of Mrs. Alice V. Beitmen Heaney, dated April 22, 1913View Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.115b
Chenoweth Family Package - Family scrapbookView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.012
Clayton Family Package - Photos and family historyView Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.116
For the descendants of Thomas P. and Mary Phelps WallaceView Unopened PackageM2013.133.130
Halsell Family Package - Family historyView Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.129a
Halsell Family Package - Letters and photosView Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.129b
Hoshour Family Package - Letter from Alma Capps HoshourView Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.127b
Malone Family Package - Letter from Mrs. Flora Hull Malone to ┬ádescendantsView Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.014
Myser Family Package - ChinaView ObjectM2013.133.132c
Myser Family Package - Family History BookView Document  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.132a
Myser Family Package - Letter from Minnie M. MyserView Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.132b
Overholser Family Package - documents, photos, and lettersView Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.089
Sherman Family Package - To the descendants of Nathan Samuel ShermanView DocumentM2013.133.131
To the descendants of Mr. T. G. Chambers and Mrs. Thomas Gavin ChambersView Unopened PackageM2013.133.109
Wetzel Family Package - Biography and photo to descendants of John T. KramerView Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.020b
Wetzel Family Package - Book of Wetzel family historyView LetterM2013.133.020e
Wetzel Family Package - Letter and photos to the descendants of Phil C. KramerView Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.020g
Wetzel Family Package - Letter from John. T Kramer, Tulsa County TreasurerView Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.020d
Wetzel Family Package - Letter to descendants of J. C. ChrisneyView Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.020c
Wetzel Family Package - Photo and letter about Nettie Kramer GatesView Letter  |  View TranscriptM2013.133.020f
Wetzel Family Package - Photos of John J. Wetzel, Otto Kramer Wetzel, Nettie Kramer Gates, Walter Newton WetzelView PhotoM2013.133.020a

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