Don Woods

Writer/Artist, Tulsa

Don Woods is best known as a meteorologist on television, but his cartooning ability was always a big part of his presentation.

Woods came to Oklahoma in 1954 after being in the U.S Navy, as well as working at the National Weather Service and a Kansas TV station. In Kansas, the station required that he draw a cartoon character for his weather presentation. He created a character named “Windy” and the job was his.

When he and his family moved to Oklahoma, “Windy” got a few changes and received the new name of “GUSTY®” to appear on the new TV station, KTUL. During the weather broadcast, GUSTY® might frolic in spring flowers or dive into the “frady hole” during a stormy day or be dripping wet on a sultry summer afternoon.

Woods has received numerous awards and recognition, including a Pioneer Award in 1993 from the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters. GUSTY® became Oklahoma's Official State Cartoon Symbol in 2005—the first cartoon symbol for any state in the United States.

Biography courtesy of The Toy & Action Figure Museum, Pauls Valley, Oklahoma