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Field Trip Registration Form

Please complete this from to book a field trip to the Oklahoma History Center.

Bus Funding through the Oklahoma Transporation Grant
If you would like to apply for bus funding through the Oklahoma Transportation Grant, you must also complete the transportation grant application.

A minimum 10:1 student/adult ratio is required; a 5:1 student/adult ratio is recommended.

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Tips for Planning a Successful Field Trip

  1. We will need a final separate count of students, teachers, and chaperones upon arrival.
    Please have this information ready when you arrive.
  2. For security purposes, the front doors do not open until 10 a.m.
    In case of inclement weather, please do not unload the buses before 10 a.m.
  3. Download and print an activity sheet shortly before your trip. Activity sheets are subject to change. The History Center will provide golf pencils and clipboards for students to use. We recommend schools divide students into small groups and work on the activities as a team with one copy per chaperone/group.
  4. Living histories, hands-on carts, and guided tours are subject to availability.
    Specific living history characters and guided tours are not available during the peak of field trip season (March, April, and May). During peak field trip season, there will be living history characters and other hands-on activities in the galleries on the days indicated on the field trip form.
  5. Your group is welcome to bring a sack lunch to eat on-site. There are several picnic areas outside on the Red River Journey. During inclement weather, students may sit on the floor in the Devon Energy Great Hall to eat lunch. Please ask staff where to store your sack lunches while you tour.
  6. Review the museum rules with your students and provide chaperones with guidelines prior to the field trip. There is a map and a list of museum rules (PDF) that you can download.
  7. Don't forget about the outdoor exhibits. Plan on spending some time outdoors to visit the Red River Journey, Devon Energy Oil and Gas Park, and 14 Flags Over Oklahoma exhibit. There are medallions where students can create rubbings and other interactives for the students outside.
  8. Teacher passes are available for group leaders to preview the museum ahead of your scheduled field trip. If you would like a teacher pass, please contact education@okhistory.org or 405-522-0798.
  9. Are you interested in pairing your trip to the Oklahoma History Center with another activity so that your students can enjoy an all-day field trip? Consider making arrangements to visit fun exciting destinations located nearby. Learn more about these organizations.