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14 Flags Over Oklahoma

Empires, explorers, nations, and people are known and defined by their symbols. One measure of the last few hundred years of Oklahoma history are the flags of the different nations and peoples that have lived here, claimed the area and fought for control of Oklahoma’s land, people, and resources. The 14 Flags Over Oklahoma exhibit identifies and interprets some of the key flags and nations that tell the tale of Oklahoma. This exhibit is made possible by the generous support of OGE Energy Corp.

These flags represent the following

  • Royal Standard of Spain
  • Union Jack of Great Britain
  • Royal Flag of France
  • Standard of the Empire of Spain
  • Standard of France
  • Second National United States Flag
  • Third National United States Flag
  • Flag of the Republic of Mexico
  • First Flag of the Republic of Texas
  • Second Flag of the Republic of Texas
  • Flag of the Choctaw Nation
  • First National Flag of the Confederacy
  • First Oklahoma State Flag
  • Oklahoma State Flag