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Grade 1: Social Studies Content Skills

Content Standard 1: The student will analyze his/her role as a citizen in a community.

  1. Identify important American symbols and explain their meanings…

Content Standard 2: The student will describe the characteristics of the American economic system.

  1. Summarize how historic inventors and entrepreneurs contributed to the prosperity of the nation including Samuel F. B. Morse, John Deere, Alexander Graham Bell, Orville and Wilbur Wright, and Thomas Edison. (CCRIT 2)

Content Standard 3: The student will demonstrate knowledge of basic geographic concepts.

  1. Define and compare the physical features of urban and rural communities.
  2. Construct maps and identify cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west, and identify locations on the map of their community, Oklahoma, and the United States.

Content Standard 4: The student will examine important events and historic figures in the nation’s past.

  1. Identify the significance of historic places and monuments and describe their connection to real events of the past…
  2. Commemorate the contributions to the American nation of significant groups including National Hispanic History Month, Native American Heritage Month, and Black History Month

Oklahoma History Center Education Resources

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The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Daughtery, Julia Ann Pledger. “Goldman, Sylvan Nathan” (inventor of the shopping cart)
Everett, Dianna. “Parking Meter
Fixico, Donald. “American Indians
Franklin, Jimmie Lewis. “African Americans
Hanneman, Carolyn G. “Ditch Witch
Smith, Michael M. “Hispanics

Research Center Resources

Franklin, Jimmie Lewis. Journey Toward Hope: A History of Blacks in Oklahoma (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1982)
Green, Donald E. Rural Oklahoma (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Historical Society, 1977)
Meinders, LaDonna Kramer. Leaves in the Wind: A Celebration of Childhood in Rural Oklahoma (Perkins, OK: Evans Publications, 1989)
Native American General: National Hall of Fame for Famous American Indians” (Historic Oklahoma Collection, OHS)
“Sylvan N. Goldman” (vertical file, OHS)
Teall, Kaye M. Black History in Oklahoma: A Resource Book (Oklahoma City, OK: Oklahoma City Public Schools, 1971)
Thurman, Melvena ed., Women in Oklahoma: A Century of Change (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Historical Society, 1982)
Wilson, Terry P. The Cart that Changed the World: The Career of Sylvan N. Goldman (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1978)
Wright, Muriel H. A Guide to the Indian Tribes of Oklahoma (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1951)

"Goldman shopping cart in use at Humpty Dumpty grocery store" (21412.M433.7, Z. P. Meyers/Barney Hillerman Photographic Collection, OHS)
Lambert, Paul, et al. Historic Oklahoma: An Illustrated History (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Heritage Association, 2000)
Map archives (OHS): search archives catalog
"Sylvan Goldman" (20699.73.80.1, State Museum Collection, OHS)
"The Black Maria, the First Complete and Operable Parking Meter" (21412.M48.1, Z. P. Meyers/Barney Hillerman Photographic Collection, OHS)
"The First Parking Meter Installed in any City in the World, Oklahoma City, July 14, 1935" (20699.4577, State Museum Collection-Sam Flood Collection, OHS)

Office of American Indian Culture and Preservation Resources
Tribes in Oklahoma today, with links to tribal government official sites
Oklahoma Tribal Pocket Guide

Additional Resources

Abner, Julie L. Native American Women: A Biographical Dictionary, ed. Gretchen M. Bataille and Laurie Lisa (New York: Routledge 2000)
Darcy, R. et al. Oklahoma Women’s Almanac (Stillwater, OK: OPSA Press, 2005)

Oklahoma Council for Social Studies
Celebrating Oklahoma History! Oklahoma Moments Video Collection

Oklahoma Department of Libraries, Kids Connections
Ignite Spot Financial Literacy for Kids
Oklahoma state agency maps

Oklahoma State University Library
Historic map collection

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