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Grade 3: Social Studies Academic Standards

3.2.3 Identify the characteristics of renewable and non-renewable resources and evaluate the role of citizens in conserving natural resources.

Oklahoma History Center Education Resources

History Alive! Living History
Bison Hunter

Traveling Trunks
Oil and Gas
Fur Trade in Oklahoma
Oklahoma Agriculture

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Scott Greene and Steve Stadler, "Wind Energy"
Bobby D. Weaver, "Keyes Helium Extraction Facility"
Kenneth S. Johnson, "Mining and Minerals"
William G. Ross, "Choctaw Lumber Company"
Steven L. Sewell, "Coal"
Robert O. Fay, "Copper"
William G. Ross, "Forestry"
Bobby D. Weaver, "Gold"
Stanley T. Krukowski, "Limestone"
LaRadius Allen, "McAlester, James Jackson"
Larry O'Dell, "Mill Towns (Lumber)"
Michael L. Kastl, "Mined Land Reclamation"
Marjorie C. Malley, "Mineral Water"
William G. Ross, "Oklahoma Forestry Association"
Larry O'Dell, "Osage Coal and Mining Company"
Larry O'Dell, "Salt and Salt Works"
Kenneth V. Luza and Kenneth S. Johnson, "Surface Mining"
Dianna Everett, "Tri-State Lead and Zinc District"
Dianna Everett, "Getty, Jean Paul"
Bobby D. Weaver, "Glenn Pool Field"
Ross Peterson-Veatch, "Kerr-McGee Corporation"
Dianna Everett, "Oklahoma Natural Gas Company"
Christopher J. Castaneda, "Phillips Petroleum Company"
Dianna Everett, "Seismograph"
Bobby D. Weaver, "Refineries"
Glendeen R. Unsell, "Wild Mary Sudik"

Research Center Resources

John W. Morris, ed., Geography of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Historical Society, 1977)
John W. Morris, Drill Bits, Picks, and Shovels: A History of Mineral Resources in Oklahoma (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Historical Society, 1982)
J.P. Bischoff, "Sheep and Wheat: The History of Flocks in Oklahoma," in Ranch and Range in Oklahoma, ed. Jimmy M. Skaggs (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Historical Society, 1978)
Angie Debo, Tulsa: From Creek Town to Oil Capital (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1943)
Richard Lowitt, "Water and Power: Developing the Grand River Dam Authority, Part 1, 1935–1944," The Chronicles of Oklahoma 87, (Winter 2009–10)
Marjane Ambler, Breaking the Iron Bonds: Indian Control of Energy Development (Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 1990)


Oklahoma Oilfield Footage (F2010.108.1.007, Oklahoma Historical Society Film and Video Collection, OHS)

Oil Drilling and General Production in Oklahoma, c. 1930 (F2008.058.015, Arthur Ramsey Collection, OHS)

Oklahoma Forestry, c. 1950 (F2010.108.1.010, Oklahoma Historical Society Film and Video Collection, OHS)

Oklahoma Geological Survey. Geology and Earth Resources of Oklahoma [An atlas of maps and cross sections, by Kenneth S. Johnson and others] (Norman: 1972)

Oklahoma Mineral Wealth Map (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Heritage Association, 1990)

Online Primary Sources

"Oil well," c. 1922, Library of Congress
"Oil junkyard," 1939, Library of Congress
"Oilers at streetcar terminal in Oklahoma City," 1939, Library of Congress
"Gas tank in Oklahoma City oil field," 1939, Library of Congress
"Map of Choctaw Nation, Indian territory, coal and asphalt segregation," 1903, Library of Congress
"Miners Fred Tucker and T. F. Memminger,"
1913, Bain News Service," Library of Congressm
"Panoramic view of lead and zinc mining and concentrating plants near Miami, Oklahoma," c. 1909, Library of Congress
"Lead and Zinc Mine Workers, "1943, Library of Congress

Additional Resources

Oklahoma Secretary of Energy & Environment
"Resource Library: Natural Resources," National Geographic
"Lesson Plan Library," Oklahoma Alliance of Geographic Educators
"Educational materials, "Oklahoma Energy Resources Board
"Conservation Lesson Plans," National Wildlife Federation

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