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Grade 3: Social Studies Academic Standards

3.3.12 Examine notable historic and present-day Oklahomans utilizing biographies and information texts such as Jim Thorpe, Sequoyah, Will Rogers, Wiley Post, Mickey Mantle, Shannon Lucid, Bill Pickett, Clara Luper, and Maria Tallchief.

Oklahoma History Center Education Resources

"The Good Fight: Oklahoma City Sit-ins," Crossroads

Traveling Trunk
Women of Oklahoma

The African American Civil Rights Movement in Oklahoma

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

John Bloom, "Thorpe, James Francis"
William L. Anderson, "Sequoyah"
Douglas Watson, "Rogers, William Penn Adair"
Erik D. Carlson, "Post, Wiley Hardeman"
Jon D. May, "Winnie Mae"
Max Nichols, "Mantle, Mickey Charles"
Dianna Everett, "Pickett, William"
Stefanie Lee Decker, "Luper, Clara Shepard"
Starlynn Raenae Nance, "Tallchief, Elizabeth Maria"

Research Center Resources

Arrell Morgan Gibson, Will Rogers: A Centennial Tribute (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Historical Society, 1979)

Clara Luper, Behold the Walls (Oklahoma City: J. Wire, 1979)

Jimmie Lewis Franklin, The Blacks in Oklahoma. (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1980)

Muriel H. Wright, George H. Shirk, and Kenny Arthur Franks, Mark of Heritage (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Historical Society, 1976)

"Will Rogers Biography, 1961" (F2009.117.022, OHS)
"Will Roger’s 1920s A Cowboy Guide to the Times, 1976," (F2009.117.008, OHS)

Additional Resources

"Interview with Bill Thorpe," Voices of Oklahoma
"'World's Greatest Athlete': Jim Thorpe," Professional Football Hall of Fame
"Hall of Fame: Jim Thorpe," National Football Foundation
Georgia Stories: Sequoyah, PBS
"Interview with Doris 'Coke' Meyer, Will Rogers's great-niece," Voices of Oklahoma
"Writings of Will Rogers," C-SPAN
Will Rogers: The Official Website of Will Rogers
Roger Connor, "Remembering Wiley Post and Will Rogers," August 16, 2013, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
"Wiley Hardeman Post: Dare Devil." The National Aviation Hall of Fame
"Mickey Mantle," National Baseball Hall of Fame
"Mickey Mantle—Legend," Official Mickey Mantle website
"Biographical Data: Shannon W. Lucid" (PDF), NASA
"Shannon W. Lucid" International Space Hall of Fame
"Shannon W. Lucid" National Women's Hall of Fame
"Bill Pickett" Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame
"Interview with Joyce Henderson," (Clara Luper was her mentor) Voices of Oklahoma
Anna Bauman, "Hidden Legends: Clara Luper," OU Daily
"Clara Luper," Oklahoma Hall of Fame
"Footage of Maria Tallchief in Sylvia Pas de Deux," Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive
"Footage of Maria Tallchief in Firebird," Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive
Arlisha Norwood, "Maria Tallchief," National Women’s History Museum
"Maria Tallchief," National Women’s Hall of Fame

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