Vincent A. Kimberlin

Inducted 2012

Vincent A. Kimberlin

Captain Vincent A. Kimberlin, after graduating high school, enlisted into the US Army 29 June 1937. On 28 June 1940 he reenlisted and was assigned to Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

During June 1942 he received orders to Officers Candidate School, Fort Benning, Georgia and in September was appointed to Second Lieutenant. In December 1944 his unit was sent to the Philippine Islands. On 12 February 1945 his company captured a heavily fortified ridge in Zig Zag Pass near Olongapo, Luzon, Philippine Islands, and was ordered to hold the position. When his company was pinned down by enemy machinegun fire his heroic action killed the enemy in the machinegun position and five others who attempted to put the machinegun back in action.

For his combat service he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, Bronze Star Medal and two Purple Hearts.