Comanche Code Talkers

Inducted 2011

Comanche Code Talkers

The Comanche Nation US Army Code Talkers of World War II performed with distinction in service to the United States of America while performing a most unusual method of inter-unit communications during the war against Nazi Germany. They have left a lasting legacy for the Comanche Nation, State of Oklahoma and the United States of America and contributed greatly to the victory in Europe. They helped save the lives of thousands of Allied Soldiers by using a language that was once forbidden by the United States Government, but, most importantly, was not understood by the Germans.

In late 1940, with war clouds gathering over much of the world, the US Government recruited warriors of the Comanche Nation to serve in the US Army. These warriors were to develop a secret code based on the Comanche language for use in the European Theater of Operations against the Third Reich. Later, they became highly-trained members of the US Army 4th Signal Company, 4th Infantry Division. They developed a code using the Comanche language to communicate military inter-unit messages from the D-Day 6 June 1944 invasion on Normandy Beachhead to the War's end.

After the war's end the Code Talkers all returned home. In 2001, the Congress of the United States formally recognized the Comanche warriors for their contributions toward the victory of World War II by awarding them the Congressional Gold Medal.

Technician Fifth Grade Charles Joyce Chibitty
Technician Fourth Grade Haddon "Red" Codynah
Private First Class Robert Holder
Corporal Forrest Kassanavoid
Private First Class Wellington "Mike" Mihecoby
Private First Class Perry "Taxi" Noyobad
Technician Fifth Grade Clifford Ototivo Sr.
Technician Fifth Grade Simmons Parker
Sergeant Melvin Permansu
Private Elgin Red Elk
Private First Class Roderick Red Elk
Private First Class Larry W. Saupitty
Technician Fourth Grade Morris "Sunrise" Tabbyyetchy
Technician Fifth Grade Willis Wood Yackeschi