Danny Elloy Glenn

Inducted 2019

Danny Elloy Glenn

Commander Danny Elloy Glenn was born 24 December 1939 and raised in Shawnee, OK. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma and was commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy from the Naval ROTC program in 1963. As a Naval aviator, he flew A-4C Skyhawk attack aircraft.

In 1965, Glenn deployed to Southeast Asia aboard the USS Ticonderoga where he flew 122 combat missions. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and three Navy Commendation Medals for combat action in Vietnam. In November 1966, he deployed for a second tour aboard the USS Kitty Hawk. On 21 December 1966, while flying his 135th combat mission, his jet was struck by enemy anti-aircraft artillery. Engulfed in flames and unable to control the aircraft, he ejected over North Vietnam and was taken prisoner.

While a prisoner of war, Glenn was subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment by his captors. He was forced to endure squalid living conditions, malnutrition, isolation, and excruciating torture. Glenn consistently resisted the enemy’s attempts to extract information, force him to sign false confessions, and betray his country. This resistance, and his intent to continue communications within the camp meant that he faced repeated torture and maltreatment.

On 4 March 1973, after having spent 2,266 days of confinement in five separate prison camps, Glenn was released as part of Operation Homecoming. The US Navy recognized Glenn’s intrepidity with two Silver Star Medals, the Legion of Merit with Combat “V,” two Bronze Star Medals with Combat “V,” and 13 Air Medals. He went on to earn his Master’s Degree from the University of Oklahoma and served the rest of his career as an aviator and civil engineer in duty stations around the globe. Glenn retired as a Commander in 1983 and has remained active in the POW community, routinely giving lectures and writing literature detailing his experiences. He resides in Norman, OK.