Brigadier General

George M. Donovan

Inducted 2009

George M. Donovan

Brigadier General George M. Donovan, US Army (1922–2002), in 1940 enlisted as a private into 45th Infantry Division, Oklahoma Army National Guard. During World War II he participated in landings against the enemy German forces in 1943 in North Africa, on Sicily and in Italy and Southern France. He won the Silver Star and a battlefield commission for his actions in Italy.

While fighting near Maximeau, France, he was severely wounded, but continued his mission, before being captured by the Germans. He was a prisoner of war for 183 days. He escaped from and evaded the enemy for 60 days, before re-joining American forces. He served in the Korean War and was released from active duty in 1952.

His medals include the Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart and Prisoner of War Medal. He was a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars, National Order of Battlefield Commissions and Military Order of the Purple Heart. He was a charter member of the Southern Oklahoma Retired Officers Association.