Major General

Douglas O. Dollar

Inducted 2007

Douglas O. Dollar

Major General Douglas O. Dollar is a native of Cookson, Oklahoma, who was commissioned through the ROTC program at Oklahoma State University, and served as an Infantry Platoon Leader in Vietnam, and Training Officer of the 5th Special Forces Group.

Upon leaving active duty, he joined the 95th Division (Training) and served in such key assignments as Battalion Commander, Brigade Commander, Chief of Staff, and Acting Division Commander. He became Commander of the 80th Division (Institutional Training), headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, in 2001.

Throughout his career, he has worked to mentor and recognize junior soldiers and has led through such groups as the Reserve Officers Association and the 95th Division Foundation. For more than fifteen years, he has worked to preserve the 100-year-old Military Honor Society, Scabbard and Blade, and transformed it for developing future military officers in a new century. He also was the initiator and leader in its early years of the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame.