Staff Sergeant

Billie A. Hall

Inducted 2007

Billie A. Hall

Staff Sergeant Billie a. "Sonny" Hall was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and served as a medic with the 5th Special Services Group in Vietnam. He was killed in action in 1966. The eyewitness story of his bravery and his sacrifice under enemy fire is legendary in the ranks of the Army's Special Forces.

During the night of March 9th, 1966, in the peaceful village where he was serving as a medic, two North Vietnamese regiments infiltrated his area. In the initial mortar barrage, nine men were killed and 47 wounded, and Hall was the only medic available. With his weapon and his aid kit, he ran from the dispensary, searching for wounded, and despite being advised against it, he continued exposing himself while administering aid. Even after being mortally wounded, he refused medical aid, but continued to treat other wounded until his strength was gone.

He received posthumously the Distinguished Service Cross for his unimpeachable valor in close combat.