Billy Minter

Air Force
Inducted 2006

Billy Minter

General Billy M. Minter was a native of Oklahoma City and a graduate of Norman High School, who rose in the United States Air Force to become the Commanding General of all the Allied Air Forces in Central Europe. After service in World War II, he returned to the University of Oklahoma, and in 1948, he entered the Air Force as an aviation cadet, receiving his commission and pilot wings a year later.

After service as a basic, and then advanced flying instructor, he joined an American Fighter-Interceptor Squadron in Japan, which was the last operational Air Force unit equipped with F-51 aircraft. After numerous command and operational assignments between wars, he was moved to Thailand during the Southeast Asian Conflict, and flew 106 combat missions in F-105s.

He was promoted to Brigadier General in 1974 and Deputy Director of staff and logistics for the European Command, US Air Forces in Europe. He was promoted to Major General as Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics and Engineering for the United States Air Force headquarters in 1977. His third star came as Deputy Chief of Staff at the Air Force headquarters, and in 1982 earned his forth star and moved to Germany as Commanding General for all Allied Air Forces in Central Europe. He died during his Air Force retirement in 2005.