Year Inducted: 2010

K.O. Rayburn (deceased) was born in Lindsay, Oklahoma, on February 28, 1913; graduated from Bradley High School and earned a Bachelors of Arts degree at Central State Teachers College in Edmond, Oklahoma. In 1942 Rayburn joined the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) where he served only three months before being drafted into military service during World War ll. Upon being discharged in 1945, Rayburn returned to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol serving as a state trooper while continuing Juris Doctorate in 1959 from Oklahoma City University. A short time later, he was promoted to assistant chief and became the Highway Patrol's first chief counsel.

Dr. Rayburn drafted legislation requiring mandatory training for all law enforcement officers in Oklahoma. In 1962 Rayburn left OHP to design a statewide law enforcement training program at the University of Oklahoma, where he was subsequently appointed Oklahoma's first director of law enforcement training, which later became known as the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) Dr. Rayburn served as director of CLEET for twenty years before retiring in 1982, marking over forty years in Oklahoma law enforcement. Dr. Rayburn brought a professional educator's point of view to the law enforcement profession while stressing personal and spiritual development, character, ethics, and public service.

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