Year Inducted: 2012

Dan Combs was born in Lindsey, Oklahoma in 1920, and served in the U.S. Army during World War II before joining the Shawnee Police Department in 1950. Combs joined the Oklahoma Highway Patrol in 1953 and began his 23 year career as a Trooper working in Anadarko. Combs quickly rose through the ranks of the Highway Patrol serving in Lawton, Clinton, Enid, Vinita and Oklahoma City. As a supervisor he oversaw the creation of the original rescue and emergency squad for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Dan Combs reached the rank of Captain and upon his retirement he was named an Honorary Colonel by Governor David Hall. Dan Comb's God given communication skills and incredible hand-eye coordination made him a natural spokesperson for gun safety and highway safety programs throughout the state. By using a variety of fast draw tricks, Combs could capture the attention of any group. With his left hand he could toss a coin or small object into the air and with lightning speed draw and shoot quicker than your eye could see. His expert marksmanship and prowess would have been the envy of many a famous gunfighter out of the old wild west. Combs drew his audiences into his story as he would brilliantly weave lessons about how in the blink of an eye we can find ourselves in real danger behind the wheel of a car. His message always emphasized how a drunken driver or speeding auto was more dangerous than a loaded firearm. His highway safety messages always hit the mark and earned him National recognition on a number of occasions. While always ready to tell his story or demonstrate his firearm skills, Dan Combs was more than a showman; he was a strong leader, a compassionate teacher and 'tough-as-a-boot' Oklahoma Lawman. Dan Combs wore OHP Badge number 14 and was always ready to respond to calls, join in manhunts, and back local police officers as he travelled the State. Dan Combs died on February 21, 1976 in Oklahoma City. While he did not die in the line of duty, his badge, OHP #14, was retired from service as a testament to his outstanding contributions to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the law enforcement community. Dan Combs is posthumously inducted into the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Hall of Fame with the award presented to his surviving children, Brenda Combs and Daneta Combs.

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